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Ben’s Bullet Proof Shoulders (No Measure)

1. 20 per side Side Plank with reverse fly

2. 3 to 4 reps per side for 15 seconds – Modified Pushup Y hold

3. 15 Scapular Retraction Pushups

4. 20-25 T’s on box with overload on every 5th rep

5. 20 – 25 W’s (pinkies) on box with overload on every 5th rep

6. 15- 30 Cuff Isolations each arm

7 Way Hips (No Measure)

15 reps of each movement on 1 leg then repeat for the other leg:

All movements are laying on your side on the floor. Ensure your lower back is not moving – shorten the movement if you have to

1. Leg Lifts

2. Forward leg swing

3. Backward leg swing

4. Full leg swing (forward to back)

5. Forward circles

6. Backward circles

7. Bicycles

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP 25 Mins:

Pull Ups

Body weight Lunges

Push Ups

800m Run

RX+: C2B, Pistols, HSPU’s

**Start at 4 reps of the body weight movements and add 4 reps each round. So round 1= 4-4-4-run. Round 2=8-8-8-Run, etc.
BWB is the same today.