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Metcon (Time)

45 North Endurance!

1600m Row/Run/Bike/Erg

100 DU’s

**Rest 3 Minutes**

1200m Row/Run/Bike/Erg

80 DU’s

**Rest 2 Minutes**

800m Row/Run/Bike/Erg

60 DU’s

**Rest 1 Minute**

400m Row/Run/Bike/Erg

40 DU’s

**Home WOD is the same today**

Please note that the distances above are for the RUNNING option. Here are your distances for the rest:

Row: 2K, 1,500m, 1K, 500m

Bike:120/96 Cals, 90/72 Cals, 60/48 Cals, 30/24 Cals

Erg: 2K, 1,500m, 1K, 500m
When deciding which cardio option, pick the one you want to do the LEAST! For example, if you are a runner, pick a different option. If you LOVE to row, pick a different option. Get uncomfortable a bit.