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Week1: Sumo Deadlift (4×5)

Aim to perform these sets at around 50% of your standard deadlift.

Metcon (Time)

“Dead in the water”

This will be a “Death by” WOD.

Minute 1 you will perform 1 deadlift (@70% )+ 1 Cal on Ski,bike,or row.

Minute 2 you will do 2 deads+ 2 cals, etc.

Stick with one machine the whole wod. Once you are unable to perform the work within the minute, your wod will be done.

Score will be “time” at which you completed your last full set. So, if you only complete 5 full rounds, your score is 5 minutes.

Record weight in comments.

These will be standard deadlifts.

Metcon (Time)

45 North at home:

Death by odd object dead lift+ 1 lunge (per leg)

Same style as the gym metcon.

Perform 1 of each the first minute, then 2 and so on. Until you are unable to finish the work in the given minute.