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Week1: 20 rep Backsquat (1×20)

You will choose your weight and perform 20 back squats unbroken.
We have done this before, so you may have a history of it in wodify.

Start the first week light, and add a little weight each week.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

20 Min Window:

Buy in: 2,000m Row

Then in remaining time, get as far as you can through

3-6-9-12……etc. of

Goblet Squats (72/55)

Russian KBS (72/55)

Weighted V-Ups w/med ball (20/14)


Weighted GHD Sit ups with med ball

At home WOD is the same today. Just sub the rowing for a mile run if a rower isn’t available.
Note mile time in comments if you wish.