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Ben’s Bullet Proof Shoulders (No Measure)

1. 20 per side Side Plank with reverse fly

2. 3 to 4 reps per side for 15 seconds – Modified Pushup Y hold

3. 15 Scapular Retraction Pushups

4. 20-25 T’s on box with overload on every 5th rep

5. 20 – 25 W’s (pinkies) on box with overload on every 5th rep

6. 15- 30 Cuff Isolations each arm


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

4 Rounds

50 seconds at each station, 10 seconds to rotate

Station 1: Wall Sit

Station 2: Rope Climbs

Station 3: HSPU

Complete Max reps for Rope Climb and HSPU in the time

RX+: Legless rope climbs, kipping HSPU with 45lb plates

HSPU Mods: off box, with abmats, dumbbell seated press

This is done before the lifting


20 min to complete the following work:

3 sets of A1/A2 then B

For behind the neck work the goal is to truly feel the finish position

You will do A1 – re rack the weight, rest 10 seconds then do A2.

For each Jerk – hold the receiving position for 2 seconds before recovering

A1: Push Press (3 x 2 reps @ 85% )

A2: Behind the Neck Split Jerk + Jerk (3 x 1(1+1) @ 85% of PP)

Various rep combos of behind the neck split jerk and jerk
the second jerk is also a split jerk

B: Push Press (3-1-3-1)

BWB Cardio

5 sets of 30 sec HS holds or some variation

along with 80 stepups

complete in any manner, rest as needed

time cap 20 min