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7 Way Hips (No Measure)

15 reps of each movement on 1 leg then repeat for the other leg:

All movements are laying on your side on the floor. Ensure your lower back is not moving – shorten the movement if you have to

1. Leg Lifts

2. Forward leg swing

3. Backward leg swing

4. Full leg swing (forward to back)

5. Forward circles

6. Backward circles

7. Bicycles

Midline (No Measure)

Tabata Planks – 4 rounds with left leg up, 4 rounds with right leg up (work for 20, rest for 10)

A1: Single Leg Landmine Deadlift (3 x 10 per leg)

Do one set on both legs then do 1 set on both legs of split squat

A2: Bulgarian Split with DB Front Rack (3 x 10 )

This is the regular bulgarian split squat but adding in a dumbbell in the front rack position. The dumbbell should be in the hand resting on the shoulder of the side opposite to the leg that is forward.


Metcon (Time)

4 Rounds

1 Suicide Run

10 Broad Jumps

400 meter run

rest 1 min

Suicide is longer than usual

Starting at door (not the garage door but the door next to garage door)

1st marker is at mailbox

2nd marker is half way between the mailbox and end of the building

3rd mark is the end of the building

Time Cap: 20 min