45 North Barbell Club – Fri, Jun 2


45 North Barbell Club – Fri, Jun 2

CrossFit 45 North – 45 North Barbell Club

Primary Lift

Hang Snatch (3 sets 6 reps from power position focusing on speed under the bar)

Snatch Push Press + Overhead Squat (3 Rounds for weight)

From the rack, Snatch Push Press into Overhead Squat
2×5@65% w/ 3 second hold in bottom

Banded DB RDL (3×10)

Using a red or green band, use 2 dumbbells to do an RDL

Accessory Work

Seated Box Jump (Checkmark)

From a sitting position on a lower box, jump to a higher box

Russian Twists (3×20-30)