45 North Barbell Club – Fri, Mar 10


45 North Barbell Club – Fri, Mar 10


As of April 1st, there will be a price increase to purchase a punchcard. Tell you’re friends and family to snag one this month before they go up!

CrossFit 45 North – 45 North Barbell Club


3 Position Snatch + OHS (5 Rounds for weight)

High Hang, Mid Hang, Low Hang + Overhead Squat

Accessory Work

Snatch Balance (3×3 )

Snatch Grip Push Press (3×8)

3×5 Snatch Grip Push Press

Optional Strength Work

Tempo Back Squat

3 second lower down, explode back up.
4×3 Tempo Backsquat w/ 3 sec. lower