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7 Way Hips (No Measure)

15 reps of each movement on 1 leg then repeat for the other leg:

All movements are laying on your side on the floor. Ensure your lower back is not moving – shorten the movement if you have to

1. Leg Lifts

2. Forward leg swing

3. Backward leg swing

4. Full leg swing (forward to back)

5. Forward circles

6. Backward circles

7. Bicycles

A1: Single Leg Landmine Deadlift (3 x 10 )

A2. 5 single leg jumps immediately after dl

do A1 and A2 for one leg before switching

B1: Unweighted Bulgarian Split Squats (No Measure)

3 x 10 each leg

B2. 15 Single Leg quarter jumps with foot up on bench


Metcon (Distance)

2 Sets:

Run 2 laps + 10 Box Jumps (Height 1)

rest 1 min each set and after last set

3 sets

Run 1 lap + 8 Box Jumps (increase Height)

rest 1 min seconds after each set and after last set

4 sets

Sprint All out Door to door short way + 4 Box Jumps (increase Height)

rest 90 seconds after each set

Record highest box jump height in inches

Time Cap: 35 minutes