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7 Way Hips (No Measure)

15 reps of each movement on 1 leg then repeat for the other leg:

All movements are laying on your side on the floor. Ensure your lower back is not moving – shorten the movement if you have to

1. Leg Lifts

2. Forward leg swing

3. Backward leg swing

4. Full leg swing (forward to back)

5. Forward circles

6. Backward circles

7. Bicycles

Midline (No Measure)

2 sets per side (do both before flipping over) – 45 second side planks


Metcon (8 Rounds for time)

In 35 min complete 8 rounds of:

Side Shuffle sprint + 10 GHDS + 6 Burpees

you are trying to go as fast as possible each set

The side shuffle is a “defensive slide” – you will shuffle to the right 25 feet then back to the left 25 feet twice

Score is time each round