Athlete Showcase February 2018 – Maryann Esteban


Athlete Showcase February 2018 – Maryann Esteban

ATHLETE SHOWCASE – February 2018

Maryann Esteban

Your Sign:  Capricorn

Your favorite CrossFit movement: Snatches

Your most hated CrossFit movement:  Push Press

How long have you been a part of a CrossFit community? 2 years I think 😬

Why do you CrossFit? To better myself and to eat whatever I want because I love food too much😊

Dream location to visit:  Korea and Brazil

Favorite past-time:  Watch Korean soap operas

Family (human and non-human):  Husband Rod, 2 amazing boys Andre and Luke and 2 cute dogs Carma and Susie

Occupation: Grocery clerk

Favorite book: Twilight

Diet: See food diet😉

​​​​Favorite meal/food: All foods are my favorite 

​​Music preference during workouts: Maryann playlist courtesy of Coach Greg 

Do you drink a gallon of fluids a day?  Yes 

Favorite/Most memorable CrossFit moment? Friday night lights.

If you could be an animal, what would you be? Panda

What do you do to relax?  Watch TV

High school you attended:  Farrington high school in Hawaii

City and State of birth:  Philippines

Favorite/Lucky number(s):  7

Anything else you would like to share:  When I started CrossFit My goal was to just to feel good about myself. but I got more than that.I realize that I didn’t just joined a gym but I joined a community filled with amazing people and gained amazing friends that I call now my Ohana’s. 45N you guys made me realize that working out can be fun. Thank you and Love you guys😘 You guys can’t get rid of me now😉.