CrossFit – Thu, Nov 16


CrossFit – Thu, Nov 16

CrossFit 45 North – CrossFit

Clean Bent Over Row (4×8)

As part of pull up development.

Athletes should be really focusing on lat and engagement, as well as biceps.

Use a barbell and your clean grip for hand placement.

Eccentric Chest to Bar (4×4)

jump up as high as possible and slowly lower down

could use a very light band to accomplish this as well to scale (or ask coach for other scaling options. indicate in notes which you did

weight to record is 0
Alternate with bent over Row sets.

Metcon (Checkmark)

22 Min AMRAP

5 Strict Pull of choice (MU, C2B, pull ups, inverted rows, kneeling sled pull,etc…)

6 Push of Choice (Push ups, floor press,bench press, weighted push ups, ring push ups, etc.

7 Barbell Roll outs

30 Cal Row
At home WOD is the same. Note push/pull in comments if you wish.

Today the focus should be on quality of movement (well, everyday should be), and not for rounds/reps necessarily.