CrossFit – Tue, Jun 6


CrossFit – Tue, Jun 6


Nutrition seminar part 2! Saturday 6/24 after class. Bring food or $15 to participate. Let Coach Jaime know what option you are doing

Everyday Warrior Warriorthon July 1-2. 26 hour race. A warrior is honored every hour by participants running 1 mile on the hour.

CrossFit 45 North – CrossFit

Ben’s Bullet Proof Shoulders (No Measure)

1. 20 per side Side Plank with reverse fly

2. 3 to 4 reps per side for 15 seconds – Modified Pushup Y hold

3. 15 Scapular Retraction Pushups

4. 20-25 T’s on box with overload on every 5th rep

5. 20 – 25 W’s (pinkies) on box with overload on every 5th rep

6. 15- 30 Cuff Isolations each arm

Rowling (No Measure)

5x to 100m, as part of your warm up. Ball slams for any meters over or under.

Metcon (Calories)

Death By:

Calories on the Rower, bike or Ski erg.

Choose your own adventure.
At Home WOD is the same today.