Lindsay’s Bday WOD


Lindsay’s Bday WOD

CrossFit 45 North – CrossFit


A1: Weighted Chest to Bar (5 sets x 3 reps – 5% higher than last time)

A2: Weighted Hip Extensions (5 sets x 20 reps)

A3: Lateral Dumbbell/Plate Raises (5 sets x 10 reps )

Standing tall, lift arms out laterally; palms will face the floor

Lindsay’s Bday WOD (Time)

n = age of Lindsay

m = second digit of age

n air squats

n lunges

m hspu

n yoga ball sit-ups

n speed skater hops

m hspu

n ring pushups

n pull-ups

m hspu

n burpee box jumps

n air squats

m hspu

n hollow push ups

n hollow rocks

m hspu
n= 37

m = 7

Post wod Mobility

banded shoulder stretches

doorway stretch