45 North Barbell Club – Fri, Mar 24


45 North Barbell Club – Fri, Mar 24


As of April 1st, there will be a price increase to purchase a punchcard. Tell your friends and family to snag one this month before they go up!

Saturday, March 25th at 10am we will be announcing the winning class for the Open! Must be present to claim your prize. See you all there! We will have post WOD donuts and beverages!

CrossFit 45 North – 45 North Barbell Club

Primary Lift

Pause Snatch + Hang Snatch (6 Rounds for weight)

2 sec pause just below the knee

Accessory Work

Snatch Pull (3×3 Building)

Lat Pulldown (Checkmark)

3×20 Banded Lat Pulldowns

Hanging Leg Raises (Checkmark)

3 sets for max reps

Optional Strength Work

Pause Backsquat (3×3 w/ 3 sec pause)