45 North Barbell Club – Wed, Sep 27


45 North Barbell Club – Wed, Sep 27


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CrossFit 45 North – 45 North Barbell Club

Warm up

:30 secs per side Couch stretch

:30 secs per side Samson stretch

Lateral Lunge down the gym each way.

High knees Down the gym

Butt kickers down the gym

Eccentric Push Up 10x

Paloff Press with band 10x per side

Clean and Jerk (5x1rep)

All at the same weight. Aim for 70%

Box Squat (Weight)

Squat to a box
3×5 reps to a box height that puts you right at parallel. 65% of Back squat 1RM for set 1, then DECREASE weight for drop sets of 2×5.

Record weight of last two sets.

Accessory Work

2×10 reps per arm renegade row.

2x 10 reps per arm seated alternating db press.

Extra credit conditioning (Checkmark)

75 Wallballs (20/14)

25 Devil Press (choose DB weight)