CrossFit – Mon, Jun 5


CrossFit – Mon, Jun 5

CrossFit 45 North – CrossFit

Tempo Front Squat (5×3)

3 second lower down
Take 3 seconds to get to the bottom, then fire back up.

Aim to be at 50-60% of 1RM and really focus on that slow descent.

Front Squat (6×2 at same weight as tempo squats, but FAST for each rep!)

I heard Eric hates partner WODS;) “I’m the eyes and ears of this institution.” (Time)

For Time:

In teams of 2;

Each partner performs 15 Burpees + 30 Air squats


1 Partner will Run 200m

**So each partner will perform all the burpees and air squats each round. Then they will alternate the runs. So each person will only run 4x. While not running you will rest. Work inside does not need to be synchro. Partner may not run until BOTH have finished the burpees and air squats.
At home wod is the same, but only run every other round.

Bonus points if you know where that quote is from;)