45 North Barbell Club – Mon, Sep 25


45 North Barbell Club – Mon, Sep 25


Barbells for Bullies! Sign up! You can volunteer and compete! Go to BarbellsForBullies.org to sign up!

CrossFit 45 North – 45 North Barbell Club

Warm Up

W/empty Barbell or PVC:

:30 secs couch stretch/leg

Samson Stretch :30/leg

Muscle Snatch 10x

Behind the neck press 10x

Overhead squats 10x

Snatch Balance 5x

Behind the neck sots press 5x

Snatch (5×1 @ 80% )

Front Squat (3,2,1 record last set. )

3 Reps at 70%. Increase weight for sets of 2 and 1

Bench Press (4×3)

Work to 85% of 1 RM bench for first set. Then DECREASE weight for drop sets of 3×3 SPEED bench.

Accessory Work

Barbell Lateral Lunge 2 sets x6 reps per side

2x100ft 1 arm farmer carry each arm. So, down and back the length of the gym each arm.

Extra credit work out (Checkmark)


60 seconds max DU’s

10 Hand release Push ups

15 Cal Bike SPRINT